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About Us


President - Petula Clark CBE

Vice Presidents - Patricia Cain, Brian Couch, Michael Foster, Margaret Haviland, Ken Johnson, David Kowitz, Sarah Kowitz, Avril Parry, Kevin Smith

Patron - The Mayor of Hastings



Brenda Bailey, (Chair) Pauline Ash, Richard Eldridge, Roland Garrad, Deirdre Goodger, Mike Goodger, Jenny Griffiths, Royah Hamed, Vicki Milford, Lesley Moore, Gillian Muhlemann, Maxine Roach, Lucinda Sheppard, Molly Townson, Helen Winning (Chief Executive)


Members include: Claire Adams, Pauline Ash, Emma Burnett, Patricia Cain, Stacey Caister, Graham Coldwell, Richard Eldridge, Joanne Fletcher, Diana Freedman, Royah Hamed, Ann Hohenkerk, Amanda Lacey, Sophia Lefevre, Nastasia Mazzucato, Jane Metcalfe, Ivora Rees, Lucinda Sheppard, Kevin Smith, Molly Townson, Lesley Van Egmond


  • Chief Executive - Helen Winning
  • General Secretary - Jenny Griffiths
  • Assistant Secretary - Michael Goodger

Section Secretaries

  • Dance - Vicki Milford
  • Instrumental - Gillian Muhlemann
  • Singing - Maxine Roach
  • Speech, Drama and Mime - Deirdre Goodger
  • Advertising Secretary - Donna Barton
  • Membership Secretary - Michael Goodger
  • Safeguarding Officer - Brenda Bailey
  • Trophies Secretary - Cassandra Gough
  • Volunteers Co-ordinator - Heather Spence


Hastings International Music Festival is the operating name of Hastings Musical Festival Ltd which is the governing body of Hastings Musical Festival and Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition

Trustees of Hastings International Music Festival - Molly Townson (Chair) Pauline Ash, Brenda Bailey, Roland Garrad, David Kowitz, Sarah Kowitz, Lesley Moore, Emily Segal, Dr Richard Wray,

Chief Executive - Helen Winning

Hastings Musical Festival Ltd is a charity and company limited by guarantee
Registered Company Number - 167243 Registered Charity Number - 261351
Registered Office - Festival Office, White Rock Theatre, Hastings, TN4 1JX