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2022 COMPETITION: Entries Open Now and Close 30.11.2021

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2021 - Instrumental

Hastings Musical Festival

Adjudication for Instrumental

Adjudication for 3000 Beginners Piano. Age under 9
First: Sonny Munro
Joint Second: Aashi Aggarwal
Joint Second: Matthew Golding
Joint Third: Aadhya Gokul
Joint Third:Paari Senthil

Adjudication for 3004 Beginners Piano. Age 9 and under 15
First: May Bailey

Adjudication for 3008 Piano. Age under 8
First: Esme Powell
Second: Hugo Simon
Third: Olivia Magda Kassner

Adjudication for 3012 Piano. Age 8 years only
First: Leo Wong

Adjudication for 3016 Piano. Age 9 years only
First: Olivia Jolly
Second: Frankie Prime

Adjudication for 3020 Piano. Age 10 years only
First: Tanmay Gokul
Second: Tobias Bristow
Joint Third: Annabel Lowe
Joint Third:Rafael Serrano

Adjudication for 3056 Primary Piano. Any age
First: Tanmay Gokul
Joint Second: Aleksander Adamczyk
Joint Second: Olivia Kassner
Joint Third: Buddy Pepper
Joint Third: Iris Turner
Joint Third: Shelly Ann Heho

Adjudication for 3060 Elementary Piano. Any age
First: Zak Wood
Second: Aidan Dodgson
Third: Raul Platica Maj

Adjudication for 3064 Transitional Piano. Any age
First: Tobias Bristow
Joint Second: Jessica Howard
Joint Second: Lola Simon
Joint Third: Lily Beach
Joint Third: Zihan Yi

Adjudication for 3068 Lower Piano. Any age
First: Catherine Quan with a mark of 91
Second: Lujane Smallman with a mark of 90
Joint Third: Isla Cheong
Joint Third
Scarlett Hardwick

Adjudication for 3072 Higher Piano. Any age
First: Quincy Wareham
Second: Jessica Nokes
Joint Third: Jeslene Sandhu
Joint Third: Kimberley Ng

Adjudication for 3073 Piano Grade 6. Any age.
First: Laura Kesiak
Second: Peter Champkin
Third: Ethan Sebastian Neeson

Adjudication for 3076 Piano. Borough Residents Age under 12
First Annabel Lowe

Adjudication for 3084 Piano Sonatina. Age under 11
First Sophia Cui
Second: Ling Zhu

Adjudication for 3100 Piano Sonata. Age 16 and over
First Alistair Rey

Adjudication for 3104 Piano Bach. Age under 12
First: Ling Zhu
Second: Isla Cheong
Third: Lujane Smallman

Adjudication for 3116 Piano Chopin Age 16 and over OPEN
First: Howard Allan

Adjudication for 3124 Piano Contemporary. Age under 12
First: Lujane Smallman
Joint Second: Peter Champkin
Joint Third: Annabel Lowe
Joint Third: Kimberley Ng
Joint Third: Tobias Bristow

Adjudication for 3128 Piano Contemporary. Age under 16
First: Ethan Sebastian Neeson

Adjudication for 3140 Piano Recital. Age under 16
First: Sophia Cui
Second: Eliza Ruffle
Third: Rupert Sheppard

Adjudication for 3144 Piano Recital. Age 16 and over. OPEN
First: Gordon Chan

Adjudication for 3156 Piano Bronze Medal. Age under 15
Bronze Medal Winner Isla Cheong

Adjudication for 3160 Piano Silver Medal. Age 15 and under 18
Silver Medal Winner Philippe Cheong

Adjudication for 3164 Piano Gold Medal Any Age OPEN
Gold Medal Not Awarded

Adjudication for 3187 Piano Duet. Any age
First: Hugo and Theo Edgar

Adjudication for 3196 Strings Beginners - Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass or Harp
First: Rashmika Sathish
Second: Katy John
Third: Leon Kesiak

Adjudication for 3197 Strings Solo Unaccompanied. Age under 18
First: Mira Okajima

Adjudication for 3198 Strings Sonata. Any age. OPEN
First: Elijus Robacevskis

Adjudication for 3199 Strings Sonata. Any age. OPEN
First: Matthew Rayner
Second: Elijus Robacevskis

Adjudication for 3200 Strings Recital. Any age.
First: Laura Kesiak

Adjudication for 3212 Strings Gold Medal Any Age OPEN
Gold Medal not awarded

Adjudication for 3215 Strings Grade 1-2 Standard Any Age
First: ShellyAnn Heho

Adjudication for 3220 Violin Solo Age under 9
First: Aniela Lipinska
Second: Antonio Ulucan Da Silva
Third: Ayla Ulucan Da Silva

Adjudication for 3224 Violin Solo. Age 9 and under 11.
First: Pei Xi Saoirse Pu
Second: Jem Mossman
Third: Liza Hooton

Adjudication for 3228 Violin Solo. Age 11 and under 13.
First: Joanna Szlachta with a mark of 90
Second: Amelia Dabrowska
Third: Elijus Robacevskis

Adjudication for 3232 Violin Solo. Age 13 and under 15.
First: Julia Weber with a mark of 90

Adjudication for 3272 Violoncello Solo Age under 9
First: Lucy Rayner

Adjudication for 3276 Violoncello Solo Age 9 and under 11
First: Laura Kesiak with a mark of 91

Adjudication for 3280 Violoncello Solo Age 11 and under 13
First: Rupert Sheppard

Adjudication for 3372 Recorder Beginners. Any age
First: Claudia Connelly

Adjudication for 3380 Recorder. Age under 10
First: Martha Ross with a mark of 90
Second: Martha Ross (second piece)
Third: Cleo Marston-Wood

 Adjudication for 3384 Recorder. Age under 11
First: Poppy Giles

Adjudication for 3388 Recorder Age under 11
First: Lydia Smalley

Adjudication for 3392 Recorder. Age under 14
First: Cora Hewitt
Second: Isobel Smalley

Adjudication for 3396 Recorder. Age under 16
First: Mia Michaelis with a mark of 90
Second: Beth Rogers

Adjudication for 3401 Recorder Recital Any age
First: Niamh Kelly

Adjudication for 3420 Recorder Bronze Medal Age under 16
Bronze Medal Winner Cora Hewitt

Adjudication for 3428 Recorder Gold Medal Any age OPEN
Gold Medal Winner Hannah Birrell

Adjudication for 3484 Woodwind Beginners. Age under 12
First: Kitty Tritton

Adjudication for 3488 Woodwind.ge under 14
First: Jessica Nokes
Second: Jessica Powell

Adjudication for 3504 Woodwind Bronze Medal.
Bronze Medal Winner – Clara Foley

Adjudication for 3506 Woodwind Silver Medal
Silver Medal not awarded

Adjudication for 3509 Woodwind Recital Any Age
First: Jessica Powell

Adjudication for 3511 Church Organ Grades 5-6
First: Natalie Young

Adjudication for 3512 Church Organ Grades 7-8
First: Natalie Young

Adjudication for 3576 Brass Silver Medal Any Age
Silver Medal not awarded

Adjudication for 3600 Instrumental Concerto. Age 13 and under
First: Julia Weber with a mark of 90
Second: Galina Baxter
Joint Third: Jessica Powel1
Joint Third: Matthew Rayner

Adjudication for 3602 Instrumental Concerto.Age 14 and under 18
First: Riya Hamie with a mark of 92
Second: Julia Antolec

Adjudication for 3898 Original Composition (Age 16 and under)
First: Eryk Leport
Second: Hugo Edgar

Adjudication for 3900 Primary Schools First Access
First: Icklesham Primary School Ukulele Group with a mark of 90
Second: Ark Little Ridge Chichester Year 4
Joint Third: Ark Little Ridge Cardiff Year 4
Joint Third: Herstmonceux Church of England Primary

Entry to the 2022 Festival

Entry to the 2022 Festival are now closed