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2022 COMPETITION: Entries Open Now and Close 30.11.2021

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2021 - Speech and Drama Results

Hastings Musical Festival

Adjudication for Speech, Drama and Mime

Class 4016 Speech (Age 4 and under) 
First: Lottie Rose Drinkwater
Second: Sofia Edwards-Foule
Third: Willow River Foulsham-Huggett

Class 4020 Speech (School Years 1 and 2)
First: Paari Senthil
Second: Madison Manktelow
Third: Florence Applegate 

Class 4024 Speech (School Years 3 and 4)
First: Bertie Thomas-Jones
Second: Scarlett Maya Williams 

Class 4028 Speech (School Years 5 and 6)
First: Francesca Barrett 
Second: Serafina Campolucci-Bordi 
Third: Gabriel Osborne

Class 4032 Speech (School Years 7 and 8)
First: Eden Rose Johnson with a mark of 90!
Second: Evie Clark
Third: Shannon Baverstock

Class 4036 Speech (School Years 9, 10 and 11) 
First: Orlando Campolucci-Bordi 
Second: Lydia Williams

Class 4038 Speech Sonnet (Any Age)
First: Orlando Campolucci-Bordi
Second: Evie Clark 
Third: Deirdre Murphy

Class 4040 Speech Share-a-Poem 2 persons (Any Age) 
First: Rose Stacy, Edie Stacy

Class 4044 Speech Prose Speaking (School Year 2 and under) 
First: Madison Manktelow

Class 4048 Speech Prose Speaking (School Years 3,4,5 and 6)
First: Martha Last
Second: Gabriel Osborne
Third: Amélie Henderson

Class 4056 Speech Prose Speaking (School Years 9,10 and 11)
Orlando Campolucci-Bordi

Class 4065 Speech Humorous Verse (School Year 2 and under) 
First: Madison Manktelow
Second: Paari Senthil 
Third: Teddie Hand

Class 4068 Speech Humorous Verse (School Years 3 and 4)
First: Martha Last
Second: Iris Turner 
Third: Mahlia Mende

Class 4072 Speeech Humorous Verse (School Years 5 and 6) 
First: Francesca Barrett
Second: Freddie Thomason
Third: Gabriel Osborne

Class 4084 Speech Humorous Verse (School Years 7 and 8)
First: Myah Grace Smith
Second: Shannon Baverstock 
Third: Evie Clark

Class 4092 Speech Humorous Verse (School Years 9,10 and 11)
First: Caitlin Humphreys
Second: Oscar Little
Third: Evie Dawes 

Class 4100 Speech Humorous Verse or Prose (Age 19 and over) 
First: Deirdre Murphy 

Class 4116 Dramatic Monologue (School Year 6 and under)
First: Gabriel Osborne 
Second: Martha Last 
Third: Isabella Hill 

Class 4120 Dramatic Monologue (School Tears 7 and 8) 
First: Evie Clark
Second: Mollie Barrett
Third: Shannon Baverstock 

Class 4124 Dramatic Monologue (School Years 9,10 and 11)
First: Archie Turner
Second: Oscar Little
Third: Orlando Campolucci-Bordi

Class 4128 Dramatic Monologue (Age 16 and under)
First: Phoebe Harris

Class 4130 Dramatic Monologue (Age 19 and over) 
No mark over 80 awarded 

Class 4136 Dramatic Monologue - Shakespeare (School Years 9,10 and 11)
First: Thomas Fisher
Second: Oscar Little

Class 4124 Dramatic Monologue - Shakespeare (Age 19 and over)
No mark over 80 given

Class 4184 Speech Original Verse (School Year 6 and under)
First: Iris Turner
Second: Ned Goodger

Class 4160 Speech Bronze Medal (Age 11 and under 15)
Bronze Medal Winner : Eden Rose Johnson
Class 4164 Speech Silver Medal (Age 15 and under 19) 
Silver Medal Winner: Phoebe Harris Class 4168

Speech Gold Medal (Age 19 and Over)
Gold Medal not awarded 

Class 4180 Dramatic Duologue (School Year 6 and under) 
First: Zachary Harris and Eva Thornley-Adjei
Second: Jasmine Jackson and Ella Rushton 

Class 4184 Dramatic Duologue (School Years 7 and 8)
First: Evie and Verity Clark 

Class 4188 Dramatic Duologue (School Years 9,10 and 11) 
First: Oscar Little, Salma Salkind 

Class 4256 Mime Solo (School Years 7 and 8) 
First: Edie Stacy 

Class 4262 Mime Solo (Any Age) 
First: Edie Stacy 

Class 4272 Mime Duologue (Any Age)
First: Rose Stacy, Edie Stacy

Entry to the 2022 Festival

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