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2021 COMPETITION 2021 Festival will be open for entries from 1st October 2020

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Results of 2020 Festival

Class 1042 Dancing Solo National (Age 8)

First: Havannah Mae Millward-Jenkins

Second: (Joint) Niamh Claridge & Ellie Wright

Third: Freya Clark

Class 1032 Dancing Solo: National (Age 7)

First: Daisy Jones

Second: (Joint) Darcie Jenkins & Sydney Jenkins

Third: Gracie Elcock

Class 1043 Dancing Solo Greek (Age 8)

First: Niamh Claridge

Second: Maddison Townsend

Third: Alice Goring

Class 1033 Dancing Solo Greek (Age 7)

First: Isla Smith

Second: Daisy Jones

Third: Lacey-Mae Hall

Class:Dancing Solo Modern (Age 7)

First: Matilda Thomas

Second: Blythe Railton

Third: (Joint) Isla Smith, Daisy Jones, Lola Coleman

Class 1046: Dancing Solo Tap (Age 8)

First: Havannah Mae Millward-Jenkins

Second: Peighton Davis

Third: Lily Hole

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Class 4000 Reading Prose at Sight (School Year 6 and under)
First: Scarlett Maya Williams

Class 4004 Reading Prose at Sight (School Years 7,8,9)
First: Rose Stacy
Second: Yashika Sathish
Third: Poppy-May Murfin

Class 4084 Speech Humorous Verse (School Years 7 & 8)
First: Poppy-May Murfin
Second: Yashika Sathish
Joint Third: Oscar Little, Lydia Williams, Molly Witcomb

Class 4048 Speech Prose Speaking (School Years 3,4,5,6)
First: Edward Marsden
Second Maia Jenkin

Class 4052 Speech Prose Speaking (School Years 7 & 8)
First: Poppy-May Murfin

Class 4120 Dramatic Monologue
First: Thomas Fisher
Second: Oscar Little
Joint Third: Elizabeth Mgutshini, Patrick Ostle, Poppy-May Murfin

Class 4040 Speech Share-a-Poem
First: Poppy-May Murfin and Molly-Ann Murfin
Joint Second: Rashmika Sathish and Yashika Sathish and Evie Dawes and Salma Salkind

Class 4068 Speech Humorous Verse (School years 3 and 4)
First: Edward Marsden
Second:Rashmika Sathish
Third: Francesca Barrett

Class 4024 Speech (Schools Years 3 & 4)
First: Rashmika Sathish
Second: Edward Marsden
Third: Eden Cahill

Class 4072 Speech Humorous Verse (School Years 5 & 6)
First: Casper Cahill
Joint Second: Maia Jenkin, Solomon Lemmens, Eden Rose Johnson

Class 4032 Speech (School Years 7 & 8)
First: Oscar Little
Second:Rose Stacy
Joint Third:Poppy-May Murfin, Yashika Sathish

Class 4116 Dramatic Monologue (School Year 6 and under)
First: Maia Jenkin
Second:Esme Perrin
Joint Third: Rashmika Sathish, Melanie Clancy, Scarlett Maya Williams

Class 4020 School Years 1 and 2
First Freya Jordan
Second: Eryk Leport
Third: Frederica Sheppard

Class 4148 Speech Original Verse (School Year 6 and under)
Maia Jenkin

Class 4152 Speech Original Verse (School Years and 8)
First: Otto James Bell

Class 4205 Improvisation Duologues (School Year 6 and under)
First: Elizabeth Abrahim and Harry Gentry
Second:Amelie Roach and Jessamy Read

Class 4206 Improvisation Duologues (School Year 7 & 8)
First:Charlie Willard and Alfie Saunters
Second: Eleanor Wynn and Margot Biffin

Class 4180 Dramatic Duologue (School Year 6 and under)
First:Emilia Goldsmith and Kit Chitty Williams
Joint Second: Hannah Earnshaw and Amelie Roache, Scarlett Maya Williams and Olivia Greenfield

Class 4038 Speech Sonnet (Any Age)
Joint First: Florence Crowson, Rose Stacy
Second: Poppy-May Murfin

Class 4164 Speech Silver Medal (Age 15 and under 19)
First: Florence Crowson - Silver Medal Winner
Second: Rose Stacy

Class 4096 Speech Humorous Verse (Age 16 and under 19)
First: Florence Crowson

Class 4128 Dramatic Monologue (Age 16 and under 19)
First: Florence Crowson

Class 4184 Dramatic Duologue (School Years 7 and 8)
First:Archie Brunt and Eli Douglas-Bannister
Joint Second: Rose Stacy and Edie Stacy, Eleanor Wynn and Henry Smalldon

Class 4208 Devised Performance/Improvisation Group
First: Amelie Roache, Anastasija Saklunova, Eleanor Wynn, Elizabeth Abrahim, Harry Gentry & Jessamy Read
Second:(Joint) Silverlee Stage School A & Alice Powell Henry Smalldon, Loreli Biffin, Matilda Baker, Hannah Earnshaw & Margot Biffin
Third:Silverlee Stage School B

Class 4268 Mime Duologue Schools Years 7 & 8
First: Rose Stacy & Edie Stacy
4016 Speech Age 4 years and under
First Lottie Drinkwater
Second (Joint) Teddie Hand, Vinnie Pharo, Rita Young & Ellie O'Connor

Class 4262 Mime Solo (Any Age)
First: Edie Stacy

Class 4065 Speech Humorous verse (School Year 2 and Under)
First: Charles Prior
Second: Oliver Willard

Class 4252 Mime Solo (School Year 6 and Under)
First: Edward Marsden
Second: Edie Stacy

Class 4028 Speech (School Years 5 & 6)
First: Eden Rose Johnson
Second: Grace Tewkesbury
Third: Casper Cahill

Class 4272 Mime Duologue (Any Age)
First: Emilie Trimby, Mollie Witcomb
Second: (Joint) Lila Reah, Ella-Rae Frear & Lola Catt, Brooke Craddock

Class 4160 Speech Bronze Medal (Age 11 and under 15)
First: Oscar Little
Second: Poppy-May Murfin

Class 4138 Dramatic Monologue - Shakespeare
First: Florence Crowson

Class 4188 Dramatic Duologue - School Years 9,10 and 11
First: Oscar Little, Salma Salkind
Second: Aaron Adams, Alfie Saunters

Class 4058 Speech Prose Speaking (Age 16 and under 19)
First: Maddie Underhill
Second: Gabriella Turner-Atallah

Class 4124 Dramatic Monologue (School Years 9, 10 and 11)
First: Alfie Saunters
Second: Phoebe Reed
Third: Aaron Adams

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