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Child Licencing/Safeguarding

How to complete a child licence application form to take part in HASTINGS MUSICAL FESTIVAL.

Please note, this is how we gather your information for our festival – other organisations may differ.

The Local Authority require Hastings Musical Festival to apply for licences for every Local Authority educated child competing during school hours. Without these licences Hastings Musical Festival cannot take place.


If your child attends a LOCAL AUTHORITY SCHOOL and misses school due to taking part in the festival your child MUST have a performance licence.

If your child goes to a Local Authority School in another county; Kent, Brighton & Hove etc. please contact Royah Hamed at RoyahHastingsmf@hotmail.com.

If your child is educated privately, Home-schooled or attends an Academy School– your child will be on a BODY OF PERSONS LICENCE which we will obtain. Luckily for you we need no further details from you as we have everything, we need from you on your entry form. However, you will still need to get a letter authorising your child’s absence from school.

Click here to see the School Letter

STEP 1. ENTER OUR FESTIVAL ONLINE – Upon online registration our clever system will ask you a few details, it will then let you know if you need a licence.

STEP 2 . Head to your entry - ID Documents on play and perform to upload the following

1. A Head and Shoulders photo shot of your child

2.A copy of your child’s birth certificate OR Passport

By doing this, you are allowing us to hold your information only on play and perform which is a secure platform.

If for some reason you cannot do this, please email the general secretary on info@hastingsmf.org.uk.

STEP 3.Everyone who is performing in school time and who goes to school needs to get permission from their Headteacher. East Sussex Authority schools – you need to send me your letter. Other schools – just keep the letter and bring it along to the Festival.

You can also view our Safeguarding Policy here.

Click here to see our safeguarding policy

Entry to the 2024 Festival

Entries for 2024 Festival are now closed