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2021 COMPETITION Entry date extended - you can enter up until the Summer

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2021 Virtual Festival

Hastings Musical Festival is going Virtual!

We are going virtual! Entries close on 1st June 2021


Due to the ongoing restrictions and uncertainty due to Covid, we have decided to run the 2021 Hastings Musical Festival as a virtual festival. We will be running most of our classes in all four sections (Dancing, Singing, Instrumental and Speech and Drama) and will have independent and experienced adjudicators as usual, but entries will be recordings sent to the Festival, and competitors will be able to view the other performances in their class online. We hope to be able to hold a highlights concert later in the year, if Covid restrictions allow, and hopefully will be back in the White Rock Theatre again for the 2022 Festival.

This will be a very unusual year, but we are doing what we can to ensure that the performers in the Hastings area have the opportunity to compete in our Festival this year, and get as close as we can manage to the usual rewarding Festival experience. Please support us with this exciting initiative!

The link to the syllabus for each section is available under that Section Tab at the top of the screen.

You can also view the classes before going on playandperform to enter by clicking on the relevant class under the Section Tab.

Below are the new rules relevant to our Virtual Festival but please read the full list of General Rules and Combined Syllabus before entering.

General rulesCombined syllabus
  1. Technical Rules for Video Entries: Videos must be filmed between April 2020 and May 2021 with the performer being the appropriate age for that class on 1st September 2020. Videos can be filmed anywhere, please ensure sound quality is clear and that the background is not cluttered. No device which can change your vocal ability may be used but a lavalier microphone maybe used to help obtain a good sound quality if you wish. You may use a live or recorded accompaniment for your entry (commercially available backing tracks are acceptable in 2021). Obviously the track must not have your instrument on it as a backing track and there should be no vocals on backing tracks. Please state your name and the piece you are performing at the start of your video. This is not included in the time limit. Record your video with a smart phone/tablet or digital camera - ideally using a tripod or solid surface to rest your device on to produce a steady image. Record on a phone using it horizontally. You must record your entry in one go as if it were a live performance. You will also upload your score or written prose for the adjudicator to view.  All details on playandperform.

  2. Social distancing rules: We hope that social distancing will have eased before April 2021 so that groups can perform together in the singing, instrumental and speech sections. However, fees will be refunded if these classes are not able to run. Social distancing rules must be followed at all times when you are recording your video.

  3. Viewing classes: Adjudicators, section secretaries, general secretary and safeguarding officer will be able to view all entries for administrative and adjudication purposes. Entrants and teachers will be able to view their class entries, the other entries in their class following the adjudication of their class during the Virtual Festival in June. Videos must not be copied, uploaded or shared in any way. If you do not wish your entry to be viewed after adjudication please email the General Secretary on info@hastingsmf.org.uk.

Online Entry

Entries extended to 1st June 2021