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2024 COMPETITION: Entries for 2024 Competition are now closed

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When do I need a licence

You need a licence if your child is performing DURING SCHOOL HOURS and is at a LOCAL AUTHORITY SCHOOL (not at an academy, independent school or home educated). If they are in EAST SUSSEX they upload ID documents on playandperform - if they are in ANOTHER AUTHORITY please email RoyahHastingsmf@hotmail.com

Will late entries be accepted?

Late entries will not be accepted in Dance. Other sections will be at the section secretary's discretion.

Why is the closing date set to 30th November

The closing date is set to give enough time for each Section Secretary to timetable the classes and create the programme. The programme will be published in January 2024

What do the age limits in the syllabus mean?

All classes are based on the age of entrants at 31st August in the year prior to the Festival  - this is in line with other British and International Federation Festivals as from 2023.

Why are there age limits?

Age limits mean that entrants are competing against other people of a similar age and/or standard. This allows the adjudicators to compare like with like and to give constructive feedback at an appropriate level.

Will I receive feedback?

Every performance is evaluated by the Adjudicator. Verbal feedback is given in public at the end of the class and written feedback is given privately to each competitor, including the mark achieved.

Will I get a certificate?

Every competitor is given a certificate.

How can I win a trophy?

Trophies are awarded for some classes and there are also special aggregate trophies - details of all these trophies are in the Syllabus.

How can I win a medal?

There are Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal classes in each discipline. The information on how to enter these classes is in the Syllabus. These medals are very prestigious and not the same as the first, second and third place awards that are given out to young people.

What is an Open class?

Open classes are open to anyone to enter, whereas most classes are restricted to amateur performers only.

Who is an amateur performer?

An amateur performer is defined as someone who does not earn their living by performance in the class in which they wish to enter.

Am I eligible to apply for a grant from the Festival?

Grants are awarded to people who have performed in the Festival in three years out of the previous five years, and who wish to go on to a professional course of study in their chosen art form.

How can I apply for a grant?

Application forms will be available from the Festival Office from 1st March onwards.

Entry to the 2024 Festival

Entries for 2024 Festival are now closed