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2024 COMPETITION: Entries for 2024 Competition are now closed

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Finale Concert

Festival Finale

The Festival Finale is held at the end of each Festival and the section secretaries are given around 10 minutes each half to fill with some of their best entries.  Many of the performers chosen will be winners in their class or will have been chosen by the adjudicator for particular praise. Unfortunately we have so many entrants that we cannot hold a Festival Finale with all the worthy winners we would like and so there will be some who are disappointed not to be asked to perform.  As from 2023 we will be putting one person in overall charge of the Finale so that they can ensure that the same person is not chosen by all of the section secretaries so that we can have the most diverse finale possible.

Entry to the 2024 Festival

Entries for 2024 Festival are now closed