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2023 COMPETITION: Entries for 2023 will open on 1st September 2022

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Briana Kelly

I've been taking part in the Hastings Music Festival since I was about 6, up until I left for drama school and I honestly can’t recommend it enough. Not only was it a brilliant milestone to work towards each year, to help keep me motivated and to want to continually improve, but also allowed me to perform on a stage, in mini groups and alone, developing my absolute love of performance. Taking part in the festival introduced me to the mad world of musical theatre and solidified what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Since the festival I have done a foundation year at GSA and am now currently studying at Arts Ed on the MT degree course , both of which have been absolute dream schools of mine since the early days at the festival so I still can’t really believe how I’ve managed to get here, but am so thankful and hope you all enjoy the festival as much as I did. 

Entry to the 2023 Festival

Entry to the 2023 Festival will open on 1st September 2022