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Freya Reed

I started taking part in the Hastings Musical Festival at age seven and continued until I left to study musical theatre full time. During this time, I grew as a performer and found my confidence on stage; realising how much I enjoyed performing. I believe the Hastings Musical Festival really helped with this. Being able to perform in an amazing theatre, on a big stage, where some incredible artists have performed, is something I would encourage all performers to take full advantage of.

The Hastings Musical Festival has also given me the opportunity to try out different styles of dance, I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. It was always inspiring watching the older performers who motivated me to keep developing my own skills.

Thanks to the generous support of the Hastings Musical Festival, I am now on a three year degree course at Bird College, and despite the challenges of lockdown I am loving every minute of it!

Entry to the 2024 Festival

Entries for 2024 Festival are now closed