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Class 5016 Dancing solo: Global (Age 7)

First: Erika Dunmall
Joint Second: Olivia Grogan
                        Rosa Lewis
Joint Third: Poppy Rignall 
                      Zenna Boxall

Class 5057 Dancing Solo: Greek (Age 12)

First: Mia Farley
Second: Kitty Fuller
Third: Maddison Townend

Class 5019 Dancing Solo: Tap (Age 7)

First: Rosa Lewis
Joint Second: Jasmine Dale
               Lottie Rose Drinkwater
Joint Third: Iris Turner
             Freddie Hall
             Martha Hodgson Kerr

Class 5055 Dancing Solo: Narrative/Character (Age 12)

First: Mia Farley
Second: Kitty Fuller
Third: Hope Strong

Class 5014 Dancing Solo: Ballet (Age 7)
First: Sophie Rudge
Second: Alexandra Kolivoskova-Martin
Joint Third: Olivia Grogan
                      Rosa Lewis

Class 5061 Dancing Solo: Musical Theatre (Age 12)
First: Havannah Milward-Jenkins
Joint Second: Sophie Jaquet
                        Gretta Bradley

Class 5017 Dancing Solo: Greek (Age 7)
First: Erika Dunmall
Second: Lola Cadey
Third: Aria Banfield

Class 5054 Dancing Solo: Ballet (Age 12)
First: Mia Farley
Second: Havannah Millward-Jenkins
Joint Third: Maddison Townend
                      Niamh Claridge

Class 5056 Dancing Solo: Global (Age 12)
First: Kitty Fuller
Joint Second: Gretta Bradley
                         Havannah Milward-Jenkins 
Third: Mia Farley

Class 5015 Dancing Solo: Narrative/Character (Age 7)
First: Scarlett Smits
Joint Second: Sophie Rudge
                        Erin Jones
Tie Third: Erika Dunmall
                   Scarlett Hazelden
                   Rosa Lewis

Class 5059 Dancing Solo: Lyrical (Age 12)
First: Mia Farley
Second: Havanna Milward-Jenkins
Third Tie: Niamh Claridge
                   Hope Strong
                   Gretta Bradley

Class 5060 Dancing Solo: Tap (Age 12)
First: Havannah Milward-Jenkins
Second: Peighton Davis
Third Tie: Myles Gillon
                   Evie Thompson
                   Mia Farley 

Class 5058 Dancing Solo: Modern (Age 12)
First: Mia Farley
Second: Havannah Milward-Jenkins
Third Tie: Maddison Townend
                   Hope Strong

Class 5137 Dancing Duet: Narrative/Character (Age 14 and under)
First: Ella Meek, Scarlet Lancaster
Second: Ava Carapiet, Maddison Townend
Third: Esme Burgess, Jessica McCleery

Class 5171 Dancing Trios and Quartets: Tap (Age 14 and under)
First: Beth Head, Molly Skates, Keira Warner, Katie Walter
Second: Lacey Callaway, Lol Allen, Macie Penniket
Third: Peighton Davis, Evie Thompson Ava Bentley

Class 5139 Dancing Duet: Modern (Age 14 and under)

First: Mia Farley, Elouise Nichols
Second: Alaya Reeves, Poppy Ball
Joint Third: Katie Walter, Matilda Lawson and Bonnie Lavender, Charlotte Welling

Class 3000 Instrumental: Beginners Piano Solo (Age under 9)
First: Michalina Piech
Second: Embla Daniels
Third: Maud Bishop
Class 3016 Instrumental: Piano Solo (Age 9 only)
First: Edward Shaw
Second: Isabella Challoner
Third: Lucas Williams

Class 3008 Instrumental: Piano Solo (Age under 8)
First: Matthew Shaw
Second: Olivia Ganeshwaran
Third: Angie Fung

Class 3012 Instrumental: Piano Solo (Age 8 only)
First: Madison Manktelow
Second: Ashley Fox-Tuck
Third: Jasper Pearce

Class 3020 Instrumental: Piano Solo (Age 10 only)
First: Alex Martynson
Second: Jasmine Torrance
Third: Iceni Garner

Class 3024 Instrumental: Piano Solo (Age 11 only)
First: Yee Hang Ethan Fu
Second: Isadora Bennett-Brewerton

Class 3060 Instrumental: Elementary Piano Solo Grade 2 (Any age)
First: Jasmine Moat

Class 3056 Primary Piano Solo Grade 1 Any Age
First: Chloe Stockdale
Second: Jasmine Torrance
Joint Third: Ioachim Gaman and Lucas Williams

Class 3004 Beginners Piano Solo (Age 9 and under 15)
Joint first: Toby Hopwood and Ollie Hopwood
Second: Yasmin Maria Walker
Third: Honour Neal

Class 3028 Piano Solo Age 12
First: Stanley Oakman
Joint Second: May Bailey and Edward Marsden

Class 3108 Instrumental: Piano Solo Bach (Age 12 and under 16)
First: Lujane Smallman

Class 3040 Instrumental: Piano Solo (age 15 only)
First: Oscar Walpole

Class 3064 Transitional Piano Solo Grade 3 Any Age
First: Jessica Jeffreys
Second: Amelia Matthew
Third: Katherine Tritton

Class 3068 Instrumental: Lower Piano Solo Grade 4 (Any age)
First: Jamie Covell
Second: Frederica Sheppard
Third: May Bailey

Class 3072 Instrumental: Higher Piano Grade 5 (Any age)
First: Oscar Walpole
Second: Tiffany Lam
Third: Antonio Balkan Ulucan da Silva

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