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2023 COMPETITION: Entries for 2023 will open on 1st September 2022

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Class 3008 Piano (Age under 8)

First: Edward Shaw
Second: Paari Senthil 

Class 3012 Piano (Age 8 years only)

First: Chloe Stockdale
Second: Frederica Sheppard
Third: Naomi Lily France-Fleitas

Class 3000 Beginners Piano (Age under 9)

First: Madison Manktelow
Second: Ocean-Blue Roffe
Third: Lucas Williams

Class 3016 Piano (Age 9 years only)

First: Jake Epps

Class 3020 Piano (Age 10 years only)

First: Edward Marsden
Second: May Bailey
Third: Emily Dyer

Class 3024 Piano (Age 11 years only)

First; Annabel Lowe

Class 3168 Piano Sight- Reading (Age under 12)

First: Edward Marsden

Class 3056 Primary Piano (Any age)

First: Tamera Lam
Second: Tiffany Lam
Third: Frankie Prime 

Class 3060 Elementary Piano (Any age)

First: Frederica Sheppard
Second: Antiono Ulucan Da Silva

Class 3072 Higher Piano (Any age)

First: Lancelot Sheppard
Second: Alexander Hennessy
Third: Blanca Prieto Mayor

Class 3356 Chamber Music (Age under 15)

First: The Hilden Grange Piano Trio

Class 3064 Transitional Piano (Any age) 

First: May Bailey
Second: Annabel Lowe
Third: Eryk Leport

Class 3068 Lower Piano ( Any age)

First: Edward Marsden
Second: Rustam Zhanbotin

Class 3076 Piano Borough Residents (Age under 12 )

First: May Bailey
Joint Second: Katharine Tritton and Edward Marsden

Class 3600 Instrumental Concerto (Age 13 and Under)

First: Philippe Cheong
Second: Rupert Sheppard
Third: Alexander Wakeford

Class 3602 Instrumental Concerto (Age 14 and Under 18)

First: Riya Hamie
Second:  Galina Baxter and William Fouraker
Third: Galina Baxter

Class 3140 Piano Recital 

First: Alexander Wakeford 
Second: Philippe Cheong
Third: Zijian Cheng


Entry to the 2023 Festival

Entry to the 2023 Festival will open on 1st September 2022