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Results of 2020 Festival

Class 1042 Dancing Solo National (Age 8)

First: Havannah Mae Millward-Jenkins

Second: (Joint) Niamh Claridge & Ellie Wright

Third: Freya Clark

Class 1032 Dancing Solo: National (Age 7)

First: Daisy Jones

Second: (Joint) Darcie Jenkins & Sydney Jenkins

Third: Gracie Elcock

Class 1043 Dancing Solo Greek (Age 8)

First: Niamh Claridge

Second: Maddison Townsend

Third: Alice Goring

Class 1033 Dancing Solo Greek (Age 7)

First: Isla Smith

Second: Daisy Jones

Third: Lacey-Mae Hall

Class:Dancing Solo Modern (Age 7)

First: Matilda Thomas

Second: Blythe Railton

Third: (Joint) Isla Smith, Daisy Jones, Lola Coleman

Class 1046: Dancing Solo Tap (Age 8)

First: Havannah Mae Millward-Jenkins

Second: Peighton Davis

Third: Lily Hole

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Class 3900 Primary Schools First Access
Joint First: Salehurst Primary and Little Common School Orchestra
Joint Second: Crowhurst Church of England Primary School: Squirrels Class Violas and Chantry Primary Yr 5
Joint Third: Chantry Primary Yr 4 and St Thomas' Primary Ukelele Yr 4 and Ark Little Ridge Cardiff

Class 3048 Piano Age 18 and over
First: Margaret Blurton

Class 3100 Piano Sonata Age 16 and over
First: Mone Watanabe
Second: Margaret Blurton

Class 3120 Piano French Composer
First: Margaret Blurton
Second: Joseph Barker

Class 3144 Piano Recital Age 16 and over
First: Joseph Barker

Class 3880 World Music Any Age
First: Buckswood Pipe Band
Second: Senlac Bells

Class 3116 Piano Chopin
First: Howard Allan

Class 3604 Hastings Young Instrumentalist of the Year 2020
Winner: Daisy Noton
Runner Up: Katie Keen

Class 3196 Strings Beginners-Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass or Harp
First: Ayla Ulucan Da Silva
Second: Lucy Bartholemew

Class 3220 Violin Solo
First: Lancelot Sheppard

Class 3558 Chamber Music Age under 18
First: Strings Attached

Class 3360 Chamber Music any age
First: Battle Abbey Strings

Class 3228 Violin Solo Age 11 and under 13
First: Clementine Dawson

Class 3232 Violin Solo Age 13 and under 15
First: Alice Younger

Class 3197 Strings Unaccompanied Age under 18
First: Katie Keen

Joint Second: Alice Younger and Oliver Moh

Class 3236 Violin Solo Age 15 and under 17
First: Chloe Bowers-Soriano

Class 3324 Harp Solo Any Age
First: Willow Greenwood

Class 3352 Classical Guitar Solo Age 16 and over
First: Tom Bruges

Class 3200 Strings Recital Any Age
First: Antonio Ulucan Da Silva
Joint Second: Steven Marsh and Penny Phillips

Class 3212 Strings Gold Medal
Gold Medal Winner: Katie Keen
Runner Up  Chloe Bowers-Soriano

Class 3056 Primary Piano Any Age
First: Eryk Leport
Second: Milo Dewar
Third equal: James French and Rafael Serrano

Class 3060 Elementary Piano Any Age
First: Jia Jing You
Second: Tobias Bristow
Third equal: William Cloves and Robert Megit

Class 3068 Lower Piano Any Age
First: Jemima Batten
Joint Second: Quincy Wareham and Clementine Dawson

Class 3124 Piano Contemporary Age under 12
First: Alexander Wakeford
Joint Second: Peter Champkin and Rupert Sheppars
Joint Third: Tobias Bristow and Isabelle Ho

Class 3104 Piano Bach
First: Lujane Smallman

Class 3156 Piano Bronze Medal
First Philippe Cheong
Second: Rupert Sheppard
Third: Peter Champkin

Class 3064 Traditional Piano Any Age
First: William Moyce
Second equal: George Moore and Lancelot Sheppard
Third equal: Clara Foley and Cara Bosch

Class 3028 Piano Age 12
First: Ella Precious
Second: Eva de Menezes

Class 3032 Piano age 13
First: William Moyce

Class 3076 Piano: Borough Residents Age Under 12
First: Lancelot Sheppard
Second equal: Edward Marsden and Annabel Lowe

Class 3088 Piano Sonatina Age 11 and Under 13
First: Alexander Wakeford
Second: Isabelle Ho
Third: Ella Precious

Class 3108 Piano Bach Age Under 16
First: Philippe Cheong
Second: Ella Precious

Class 3092 Piano Sonatina Age 13 and Under 15
First: Eleanor Moore

Class 3128 Piano Contemporary Age Under 16
First: Philippe Cheong
Second: Julia Malcolm
Third: Eleanor Moore

Class 3096 Piano Sonata
First: Philippe Cheong

Class 3072 Higher Piano
First: Peter Champkin

Class 3140 Piano Recital Age under 16
First: Philippe Cheong
Second: Basil Sturdee

Class 3160 Piano Silver Medal Age 15 and under 18
First: Prokop Spanel
Second: Arjun Kolani

Class 3880 World Music Any Age
First: Buckswood Pipe Band
Second: Senlac Bells

Class 3116 Piano Chopin Age 16 and over
First: Howard Allan

Class 3008 Piano Age under 8
First: Frederica Sheppard
Second: James French
Third: Henry French

Class  3012 Piano Age 8
First: Edward Marsden
Second: Lancelot Sheppard
Third: Emily Dyer

Class 3000 Beginners Piano Age 9
First: Frankie Prime
Second: Sebastian Serrano

Class 3016 Piano Age 9
First: Annabel Lowe
Second: Kitty Triton

Class 3004 Beginners Piano Age 9 and under 15
First: Ella Rose Rice Salisbury

Class 3084 Piano Sonatina Age under 11
First: Rupert Sheppard

Class 3020 Piano Age 10
First: Lujane Smallman
Second: Rupert Sheppard

Class 3180 Piano Duet
First: Rafael Serrano, Annabel Lowe

Class 3372 Recorder Beginners

First: Edward Fox

Class 3401 Recorder Recital

First: Alex Rayment

Class 3496 Woodwind Ensemble Age under 14

First: Battle Abbey Prep Ocarina Ensemble

Class 3484 Woodwind beginners Age under 12

First: Ava Edwards

Class 3504 Woodwind Bronze Medal

First :Jessica Powell

Woodwind (Age under 14) Class 3488

First: Jessica Powell
Second: Buckley Blunden
Third: Varnika Parthasarathy

Class 3482 Woodwind Grades 3-4 standard

First: Clara Foley

Class 3512 Woodwind Recital any age 

First: Jessica Powell

Class Electronic Keyboard Solo Age under 12
First: Luke Saint

Class 3915 Electronic Keyboard Solo Any Age
First: Luke Saint

Class 3921 Electronic Keyboard Gold Medal 
First: Brooke Nicholls

Class 3490 Woodwind Age 14 and under 16
First: Elena Barry

Class 3494 Woodwind Age 16 and over
First Sheila Collyer

Class 3508 Woodwind Gold Medal Any Age
First: Galina Baxter


Brass Ensemble Class 3588

First: Vinehall Brass

Brass Primary Class 3556

First: James Rowland
Second: Henry Powis
Third: (joint) Lexi Fulford & Stanley Yeats

Brass Duet Class 3536

First James Gardiner, Alfie Saunters

Brass Bronze Medal Class 3572

First Gryffyn Watkins
Second (joint) Sami Baker & Sebastian Starr

Class 3581 Brass Recital Any Age

First Toby Sell

Class 3576 Brass Silver Medal Any Age

First: Thomas Sturges

Class 3560 Brass Elementary Any Age

First: Curtis Yan
Second: Boudewijn Igbokwe

Class 1021 Dancing Solo Character Age 6

First: Lacey Reeves
Second: Sonika Cherry
Third: (Joint) Bertie Thomas Jones & Elodie Crowley   

3600 Instrumental Concerto Age 13 and under
First: Galina Baxter - Clarinet
Second: Alexander Wakeford - Piano
Third: Galina Baxter - Piano

3602 Instrumental Concerto Age 14 and under 18
First Daisy Noton - Flute
Second Katie Keen - Violin
Third Alice Younger - Violin

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Entries extended to 1st June 2021